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 I focus my lens of creativity on painting lived-in, natural looks on the canvases of medium to long hair. Techniques include balayage and highlighting with dimensional color for contrast. I also specialize in painting brunette colors from cool to warm hues. What mix are you? 


Secondary to natural looks, I enjoy booking sessions for painting pastels and vivid hues to accentuate highlights and to add a pop of color. 


Specializing in men’s grooming ranging from short, modern styles that are tapered and refined to long hair with beachy texture. Styles range from vintage, to rugged, to classic looks. In addition to men’s cutting, beard trims and sculpting is offered. 


Continuing to expand the hair journey with Babe extensions, transformations include full and partial placement for volume, fullness and length. I specialize in fusion, flat tip, and beaded extensions. Flat tips and beaded extensions are available in 18 or 22 inches. Fusion are available in 18 inches. Babe extensions include 42 shades ranging from natural to vivid. 

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