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With his his vibrant spirit, imaginative motivation and innovative cutting and coloring methods Trent will inspire you to take hair from traditional art to the creative craftsmanship that defines who you are and who you want to be. Fashion contains three essential principles: Shape, Color & Texture. Modern ingenuity with a classic flair united by integrity.  

With 20+ years of experience as a salon owner, stylist, international guest artist and former artistic director -  Trent has shared his vision and techniques throughout the world including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, China, France, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Netherlands.

Trent has been featured in:
Modern Salon, Modern Salon TV, American Salon, Haircolor and Design, Salon City, Show Biz, That’s Shanghai, City Guide, Behind the Chair .Com, Good morning Canada, Beauty TV, NYC and SMG News & Entertainment. ​

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